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  • B.A. in English literature in 2000, Tehran, Iran

  • M.A. in TEFL in 2008, Tehran, Iran

  • Post-graduate degree in Information Communication Technology in 2012, Monash University, 

  • Melbourne, Australia

  • Started teaching English in Iran in 1996

  • Founded IZ language school in Iran in 200

  • Joined British Council Teacher Training in 2006

  • Taught English at Monash University English Language Center, Melbourne, Australia, 2012-2016

  • Originated the webinar series titled “Disseminating Knowledge Beyond Borders” which hosted great scholars such as Professors Noam Chomsky, Stephen Krashen, Dianne Larsen Freeman and John O’Toole, in 2020.

  • Joined the National Geographic Learning Turkey team in 2020 as an Academic Advisor and Educational Consultant.

  • His areas of expertise are teacher training, educational psychology, as well as dramapedagogy.

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