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She came to Turkey over 25 years ago and started work as an ESL teacher in a
private school in Tarsus. She moved her way up to Head of Department and
coordinator of the foreign language department. After 12 years she moved to a large
private school in Adana. Here she was coordinator for the foreign language
department with over 40 teachers. At the same time, she developed a foreign
language curriculum for the whole school. The syllabus part of this curriculum was
then used to design an online program that is still currently been used in the school.
She also was the lead manager on leading the school to gain accreditation from
Eaquals association and at the same time applied for the school to become a
member of the Council of International Schools. This membership was confirmed in
March 2016. During the last 5 years she has also helped develop an in-house
teacher assessment program and gave whole school training to the teachers on
many subjects such as student centred learning, assessment methods, writing
lessons and classroom management.

She is recently working as the Head of International Programs and Director of
English at Kültür Koleji in Istanbul. Here she organised the preschools, primary
schools, middle and high schools program as well as introducing a bilingual program
into the curriculum. She is also director for the IB and AP programs.
She is the creator of the English Project book Series and has also helped develop a
science course for ESL students

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