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My name is Miray Korkmaz Safi. I’m a passionate English teacher and have been
teaching for 7 years. I have been graduated from Boğaziçi University, Western Languages and Literature. I also got my certificate from Pedagogical Formation from İstanbul University. As for my career, I have worked as a teacher in kindergarten, primary and middle school. I have been the Foreign Languages Coordinator for 3 years. I also give counselling to Suyun Anaokulu, a private kindergarten at Levent, İstanbul. I have been working with schools that applied Bilingual Education in their system. So, the studies and activities that I have done so far includes interdisciplinary approach. I have also put a lot of effort on web 2.0 tools and engaged my students with technology. I have attended to an international Conference AILA as a speaker on CLIL methods. Moreover, the process of choosing books and materials matter a lot and I made sure that the books are promoting gender equality. The ones that include discrimination of any kind, I contacted with the publishers and shared my concerns. Apart from that, during and after pandemic, I have used different teaching methods, one of which stands out the most: Flipped Classroom. Nowadays, we have been carrying out 2 different ESEP Projects and as teachers, we
are engaging out students with different cultures as much as possible.

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